RBAC Workshop


Starting with AIX 6.1, Enhanced Role Based Access Control (RBAC) on AIX is the most powerful and sophisticated access control tool for AIX. Many UNIX security breaches occur because of excessive access to root.  One of the most important ways to protect your AIX environment is to lessen unnecessary root access. RBAC
provides a rich set of tools for allowing administrators to gain the access they need to do their jobs without having to grant root access. RBAC is also important for
many companies to implement in order to satisfy various regulatory standards.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words:

classic RBAC

Key Features:

  • One of the most important features to implement in order reduce the risk of a significant security breach
  • Doesn’t utilize exploitable SETUID access delegation functionality that other features utilize, such as SUDO
  • Centralized management of RBAC is possible using LDAP directory services, learn more about our LDAP services
  • Provides many unique and additional access control possibilities via Domain RBAC
  • Streamlining of AIX auditing is possible using RBAC-based auditing
  • Learn more about the RBAC Workshop

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