AIX Centralized LDAP User Management via MSAD


A popular LDAP server option for AIX is using Microsoft Active Director as the LDAP server for your AIX LDAP clients.  MSAD can provide basic centralized user, group, and password management options for your AIX systems by leveraging your existing MSAD environment.

When AIX systems are configured as LDAP clients to an MSAD server, AIX users may use their Windows network login password for both Windows and AIX system login.


  • Clients needing a solution to greatly simplify password and user/group administration
  • Clients wanting to allow AIX users to authenticate to their AIX partitions using their Windows network login password
  • Clients wanting to leverage MSAD-based authentication for HMC and VIOS systems


LDAP Integration with AIX and Microsoft Active Directory Flyer v2

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