AIX Security Assessment with PCI 3.2


Companies frequently and unknowingly can employ weak security practices that are exposing their company to high risk. The ramifications of a security breach could be unforeseeable litigation, identity theft, the bringing down of networks, and harm to a company’s brand. As described by the Jericho Forum, a company shouldn’t solely depend on perimeter security for their security. The AIX Security Assessment is the best way to identify weak AIX security practices that may be exposing your organization to high risk. This assessment is a comprehensive assessment of how your organization is implementing AIX security.

Key Features:

  • This security assessment service is applicable to all types of security regulatory requirements but provides specific support for PCI 3.2
  • Since achieving excellent security involves many tools and considerations, before deploying any new security controls, a security assessment should be done in order to help your organization determine what security controls are being properly implemented and what controls may need improvement
  • Provides comprehensive feedback that provides suggestions that include all functionality of AIX security, including PowerSC tooling
  • Provides a Risk Analysis of all security controls analyzed to help you define your Risk Management-based remediation plan
  • Best first step to achieving comprehensive “Defense in Depth“-based security for your organization’s AIX environment


see: AIX Security Assessment with PCI 3.2 Flyer


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