Hacking and Breaches

Ipviking – live hacking

SANS Reading Room – Numerous Case Studies on Various Breaches

Information is Beautiful – World’s Biggest Data Breaches & Hacks

Hackers Dailey

PDF of SANS Case Study on 2013 Target Breach

Lockheed’s White Paper on Intelligence-driven Computer Network Defense

Some of the most common hacking techniques

Fundamentals of Hacking – SANS White Paper

Lockheed Martin’s Cyber Kill Chain

General AIX Security:

AIX Information Center

Information Center – PowerSC Standard Edition Welcome Page

Information Center – PowerSC Multi-factor Authentication

Request for Enhancements

The New “DeveloperWorks” Site

PowerSC Presentation Page

PowerSC Redbook

PowerSC Download Link – ESS

AIX Toolbox for Linux Download Page

Request a quote for PowerSC if not entitled

AIX V6 Advanced Security Features – Introduction and Configuration

Service and Support Best Practices for AIX

Fix Level Recommendation Tool (Learn how to patch your AIX or VIOS)

Very Useful FixCentral Interface for searching ifixes,  apars


FLRT Vulnerability Checker

Fix Central

Configuring Yum on AIX

AIX Web Download Pack Site(Download specific filesets related to AIX Security)

Managing Interim Fixes on AIX

CVE Home Page

The pdf for AIX 7 Security

sudo install images for AIX from sudo community

Power Security Certifications

Power 7 EAL4+

Power 6 Common Criteria

AIX Operating System Certifications


IBM Security Directory Server Knowledge Center

ITDS Download Page

AIX Licensing Terms for ISDS

Integrating AIX into Heterogenous LDAP Environments

IBM Tivoli Directory Server 6.3 – Administration Guide

ISDS General Tuning

ISDS – Debugging Replication

ISDS – the audit.log – IBM Presentation

White Paper on the AIX LDAP Client

ISDS fixes

LDAP Reference Book – Understanding and Deploying LDAP Directory Services

Redbook – Understanding LDAP

Useful Link for LdapSearches

Andrew Findlay-paper best practices for ldap

SSL vs. TLS – What’s the Difference

How to Verify SSL Certificates from a Shell Prompt

OpenSSL Cookbook – Good Reference on OpenSSL and Certificates

Difference between root vs intermediate Certificates

Are You using LDAP over SSL/TLS for LDAP


Samba & LDAP

AIX Kerberos

AD integration with AIX and Kerberos

IBM Knowledge Center: Using OpenSSH with Kerberos on AIX

Configuring an AIX Client with Multiple Kerberos Realms

Configuring Single Sign-On with AIX Kerberos

Debugging Single Sign-On with SSH

Debugging Problems with Key Version Number

IEEE Article on Kerberos

RFC 1510 (Kerberos’s RFC)

AIX Auditing:

AIX Auditing Redbook

IBM Systems Magazine Article on AIX Auditing

DeveloperWorks Article on Generating Audit Reports

Virtualization Security

PCI Virtualization Guidelines v2.0 (Downloads a pdf file)

NIST’s Secure Virtual Network Configuration for Virtul Machine (downloads a pdf file)

Cloud security

PCI Cloud Computing Guidelines (Downloads a pdf file)

Cloud Security Guidelines for IBM Power Systems

General Computer Information Security

CySAFE Cyber Assessment for Everyone (PDF File)

SANS – A Glossary of Security Terms

My Favorite CISSP Exam Guide

Threat Research Papers

NIST Computer Security Publications

Improving Security via Proper Network Segmentation

Operations Security (Opsec) – process for protecting data

Power Linux Security

Linux on Power Security – (IBM Knowledge Center)

Working with Certificates

Simply Put: How does certificate-based authentication work?


AIX Commands You Should not Leave Home Without

NIST Glossary of Security Terms

NIM Ports – (Maybe needed for TNC Configuration)

The Six Dumbest Ideas in Computer Security

Jay Kruemcke’s Blog

Getting Started with SSH Security

Using dsh to issue commands on many AIX systems

Removing ^M from AIX files

Handling Escape Characters

Exporting a display from AIX to Mac

Recording SSH Sessions

Guidance for Multi-Factor Authentication(PDF Document)

Harvard Business Review: Why Execs Underinvest in Cyber Security


IBM’s PCIe_Cryptographic_Coprocessor_Data_Sheet (a PDF)

Content Agnostic Malware Protection – PDF Explaining why Anti-Viruses misses 40% of Malware

Text Editing Tips For Smitty

The Importance of Patching for a Company (Equifax)

An Overview of the SSL or TLS Handshake

Difference Between Red and Blue Teams

The Dangers of Sudo

Securing Power 9 HMC

Securing SS

Hot to setup SSH Keys

Information about CIS SecureSuite

Overview on the 4767-002 Cryptographic Coprocessor

Sanitizing a Disk AIX

DNF on the AIX Toolbox

Getting Started with the AIX Toolbox

Articles Authored by Stephen Dominguez

Four Ways to Stem the Tide of Rising Cybersecurity Risks

Anti-virus on AIX (previously published on IBM Systems Magazine)

Key IBM AIX Security Featurees you can’t afford to miss – IBM IT Infrastructure blog

Key Security considerations for Linux on Power Systems – IBM IT Infrastructure blog

Protecting AIX and Linux from Ransomware

Introducing the OpenShift Security Assessment


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