AIX Identity Management with ITDS – Level 1


In general, the best form of identity management for AIX systems is implemented using LDAP directory services. LDAP can save a great amount of time, effort, and energy by simplifying the task of supporting users and groups as a business grows. This type of centralized management allows you to remove the need of synchronizing
passwords and accounts for users and groups across multiple AIX systems. This service provides an on-site workshop that will equip the customer with all the essential elements needed to deploy LDAP directory services using IBM’s Tivoli Directory Server (ITDS):

Key Features:

  • Because ITDS supports the RFC2307AIX schema, ITDS is able to provide the most compatible type of identity management solution for AIX
  • When a customer has an AIX Software Maintenance Agreement, ITDS support and licensing is free for AIX LDAP servers and AIX LDAP client partitions.
  • ITDS can be configured to contact Microsoft Active Directory for AIX user authentication via ITDS’s Pass-through Authentication feature
  • For securing and providing high availability to your ITDS solution, see our Level 2 service
  • For simplifying password management with ITDS and Microsoft Active Directory see our Pass-through Authentication service
  • Learn more about AIX Identity Management with ITDS – Level 1

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