PowerSC – Compliance and Monitoring Workshop


Ensuring that AIX systems are compliant with common industry security standards and maintaining system security can be a challenging, labor-intensive activity especially with today’s virtualized IT infrastructures. IBM® Power Security and Compliance (PowerSC™) provides a security and compliance solution optimized for
virtualized environments on Power Systems servers, running PowerVM®. This workshop focuses on 2 PowerSC features: PowerSC – Security and Compliance Automation and PowerSC – Real Time Compliance.  These two features provide sophisticated security hardening and monitoring capabilities.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words:

rtc in action

Key Features:

  • Learn how to PowerSC implements PCI, DoD, SOX, and HIPAA compliance by using XML-based profiles with the AIX Security Expert engine
  • Learn how Real Time Compliance monitors critical AIX system files and alerts administrators of PowerSC-based security policy violations
  • Learn more about the PowerSC Monitoring and Compliance Workshop

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