PowerSC Trusted Network Connect & Patch Management


PowerSC Trusted Network Connect & Patch Management (TNC) is useful tool for applying interim fixes and service packs to AIX partitions.  The speedy deployment of security patches is a critical component to reducing security risk and implementing a Defense in Depth security strategy for your organization.  TNC provides the ability to deploy patches and also verify that your AIX environment is properly updated according to the patch requirement for your environments.


  1. Provides the ability to deploy a an interim fix or service pack to an AIX partition or group of partitions
  2. Verify the service pack and interim fix configuration for a single partition or a group of AIX partitions in a single command
  3. Automatically makes new service packs and interim fixes available for deployment to your AIX environment
  4. Provides the ability to customize patch requirements to different sets of AIX partitions


see PowerSC – TNC Patch Management Workshop Flyer

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