PowerSC Trusted Logging


I have worked with several companies that have experienced data breaches.  One of the things noticed by customers who have been breached is that they said their audit logs were modified by the hackers.  PowerSC Trusted Logging provides a very secure method of saving your most sensitive security related logs.  PowerVM® Trusted Logging lets AIX® LPARs write to log files that are stored on an attached Virtual I/O Server (VIOS) using VSCSI. Data is transmitted to the VIOS directly through the hypervisor, and network connectivity is not required between the client LPAR and the VIOS.


  1. Provides hypervisor-based transmission of security logs to your VSCI Server or Shared Storage Pool
  2. Any type of log data can be secured
  3. In the case of a network outage, your logs aren’t affected


see: Integration Assistance Flyer

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