PowerSC Real Time Compliance


PowerSC Real Time Compliance is a file and compliance monitoring tool found in the PowerSC security suite of tools.  From the hundreds of customer I’ve shared this tool with, I would say it is the most popular PowerSC tool.  This tool basically monitors two things:

  1. Changes in content and access to a set of important security related AIX files
  2. Compliance changes or violations implemented by pscxpert (or aixpert) security profiles


  1. Monitors around 300 hundred files designated by AIX Security Development as files critical to security
  2. Customizable configuration that can monitor any type of file
  3. Monitors security and compliance settings implemented via the aixpert or pscxpert command
  4. When a monitored file is altered, your pscxpert settings are checked to verify compliance
  5. Provides periodic compliance checking every 30 minutes (this is configurable)
  6. Reporting provided via sendmail, SNMP, or local logging
  7. Kernel-based monitoring that is drastically more efficient with performance
  8. Instantaneous reporting executed immediately upon file change


see PowerSC Compliance and Monitoring Workshop

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